Why eyeCMS?

  1. Easy to use admin panel.
  2. Easily extendable.
  3. Can add new modules as new requirements arise.
  4. No yearly charges
  5. eyeCMS has been built with latest international standards and practices in web standards and trends. It has been developed in total compliance and adherence with the following standards and technologies of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium):
    • XHTML 1.1 strict
    • CSS2
    • |RSS V2.0
    • WAI-AAA
  6. Supports the following dominant browsers:
    • IE 6.0+
    • FF 2+
    • Safari 3.0+ OS/iOS
    • Opera 9.0+
    • Chrome
  7. eyeCMS is built with SEO in mind.
  8. User friendly and SEO friendly URLs.
    • Incorporates the section/subsection/article titles into the URL.
    • Incorporates the section/subsection/article titles into meta keywords.
    • Automatically generates xml version of the sitemap to be submitted to search engines.
    • Uses SEO best practices, like using H1 and H2 tags highlight important keywords.
  9. Some of the websites powered by eyeCMS:
    • http://www.glorei.co.om
    • http://www.maktabi.co.om
    • http://www.fosenergy.com
    • http://www.sahilnet.com
    • http://www.zubairautomotive.com/


Technologies Used

The technologies used are restricted to latest in terms of international standards and web technologies. The system makes a great use of open source technologies like Apache Web Server, PHP web programming language and MySQL database. As a result, the proposed system offers a very cost effective solution in terms of periodical licensing fees and expensive software that are not needed for this task. It is built with expansion plans in mind and makes use of XML web services for any possible requirement of exchanging data and information with third-party software or internal/external entities. It uses the following technologies in the system design and programming:

  • PHP5 Programming Language
  • MySQL Database
  • Database-driven Flash
  • XML
  • XHTML 1.1 Strict
  • Cascading Style Sheets CSS2,
  • JavaScript & Server Side Scripting
  • Ajax
  • RSS Rich Site Summary/Syndication