Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Why Only Marketing?

  • Inexpensive
  • Limitless Reach
  • Measurable Statistics
  • Immediate Tracking
  • Selective
  • Many more


SEO & Website Rank
Search engines find and rank sites by using what’s known as spiders or robots (aka bots).
They troll the web, cataloguing sites as they find them. HOW they catalogue sites is key to ranking well.
This is known as search engine optimization


Eyecomms 6 Step Plan


Competitor Analysis
Competitor analysis is the first of the 6 steps to web marketing success because understanding how your competitors have succeeded online can help you avoid the costly trial and error of testing strategies that do not work.


Website Audit
After deconstructing your competitor’s web marketing techniques (Step 1) we need to become intimately aware of the current state of optimization for your web site and where it needs to be improved for future marketing.


Web Marketing Review
Step 2 provided us with a grasp of your website’s marketing readiness and effectiveness. The purpose of the Web Marketing Review is to evaluate every type of web marketing you have done and are doing now for your web site. This information will complete the picture of your current web marketing profile. Once we complete this 3rd step of the 6 Step Plan we will have all we need to create a powerful web strategy for you.


Custom Web Strategy
The data accumulated in Steps 1 through 3 will be used to formulate a clear and concise Custom Web Strategy that will act as a blueprint to provide powerful short term and long-term results.


Website Optimization
Now it is time to implement the list of web site optimization solutions the Custom Web Strategy clearly outlines.


Online Presence Enhancement
Online Presence Enhancement includes any marketing techniques that increase the online presence of your web site to prospective visitors and search engines. By increasing the online presence of your web site its chances for immediate and on-going online success increase dramatically.


Regular Health Screening
Eyecomms will run and manage your web marketing strategy on a monthly basis, constantly monitoring your web statistics and feeding back using monthly reports.

Focused on increasing the number of new visitors to your site with:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • RSS feed selection and integration (for automatic news/special interest feeds)
  • Internal/External Blog Integration and Updating
  • Social Networking Integration
  • External Link-Building
  • Internal/External Forum Development and Promotion
  • Targeted site design updates (to reflect marketing campaign/seasonal activity etc.)
  • Email campaigns
  • Info graphics
  • Flash banner production and integration
  • Production of bespoke HD video and animation and Integration with your site
  • Development of your online corporate identity


Increase sales leads for your business and keep them coming back with a complete web marketing strategy.


Reach Your Audience
Eyecomms work with many clients to plan and execute web-marketing strategies that get you found on search engines drives sales leads and improves customer retention. We work with you to profile and identify your online audience, how you can reach them and continue to reach out to them. The process involves:

  • Developing a keyword strategy, to push your search engine rankings up
  • Pushing out content from your site to support Search Engine Optimization
  • Using social media to reach out to your audience
  • Online promotions, e.g. voucher codes
  • Using email marketing to keep in touch with customers and prospects

Clients Using This Service:

  • Special Economic Zone Authority at Duqm
  • Real Estate Souq

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